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Monte do Gozo, famous for its significance on the Camino de Santiago, became the epicenter of European disc golf during the IV Open Xacobeo, a crucial stop in the AEDG Spanish Cup. With the participation of 48 players from Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Estonia and Finland among other countries, the tournament promised excitement.

The capricious weather added an unpredictable element to the event. Rain, wind and cold were constant companions of the competitors during the three rounds of the tournament. However, this did not diminish the determination of the players, who fought against the elements with enthusiasm and skill. However, it prevented some planned activities such as the ring of fire from being carried out.

The MPO final, with the scores very close until the last hole, encouraged the rest of the participants to run out with their umbrellas to see the exciting outcome on the 18th hole, one of the new holes created for the occasion.

As in the three previous editions, various complementary competitions were also organized: doubles, putting and distance tournaments. These activities allowed participants to show their skills in different aspects of the sport.

The cash prize pool, totaling €1,350 distributed in the end, attracted many professional players, while the species prizes worth more than €400 were a good incentive for amateur players.

The welcome dinner, included with registration, was a great time for competitors to meet each other, share stories, create new bonds and reunions. It was an occasion to celebrate the shared passion for disc golf and strengthen the community around it.

The special course prepared for the tournament was a challenge in itself. With a total of 12 new holes out of 18, some of them completely new and others adapted from existing elements of the permanent course, players had to adapt to new configurations and strategies.

Here are the winners of the complementary competitions and the main divisions:

Doubles Tournament Winners (non-PDGA):

Putting Winners (non-PDGA):

Distance Winners (non-PDGA):

Winners of the Tournament Divisions:

We hope that the IV Open Xacobeo Disc Golf has left an unforgetable mark on all the participants and that they are encouraged to attend on future occasions. With the same enthusiasm and hard work, we hope that next year the V Open Xacobeo will be even more memorable.

PDGA Tournament Results